Suzanna Conrad

Information Professional

Career Development

Registration is now open for the Technology IG's Spring Fling program!

Invest in your future with a "two-fer-one" career and professional development CLA Spring Fling 2013 workshop, March 29!

Brought to you by the Technology & Student Interest Groups of the California Library Association, this full-day, two-part workshop is for new MLIS graduates, current MLIS students, and library professionals interested in learning about alternative career opportunities outside of traditional library roles and institutions and in arming themselves with the essential skill for advancing their careers in a tough job market.

Campaigning for a Library Job

I'm co-presenting tomorrow at Library 2.012 from 4:00pm to 5:00pm PST with Amanda Bjorling from Deer Creek Mackinaw School District on campaigning for a library job. Our session is titled "Campaigning for a Library Job: Maximizing Professional Development Opportunities to Differentiate Yourself From Other Applicants" and we'll be talking a lot about using professional development to get your name out there and to differentiate you from other applicants.

Emerging Trends for Librarian Job Titles (from SJSU SLIS)

I was reading an article today on a discussion forum about emerging trends for librarian job titles and a user linked to a study by SJSU SLIS detailing some of the new job titles, responsibilities and skills/knowledge required. It's really interesting!

The MLIS - Thinking outside traditional roles

One of my classmates from my MLIS posted a link on Facebook recently to an article from Forbes on the best and worst graduate degrees for jobs currently. And unfortunately (however not surprisingly), the MLIS was right at the top.