Suzanna Conrad

Information Professional


Library of Congress

As part of University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign’s Alternative Spring Break Program, completed a one-week internship at the Library of Congress in the Digital Reference Department. Searched online Library of Congress holdings for relevant digital documents as well as external sites with relevant text, images or other multimedia. Consulted physical Library of Congress holdings. Authored a web guide referring to relevant digital and physical holdings.

Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library

Created, uploaded and maintained digital collections for two grant projects including the California of the Past Digital Storytelling Project and the Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP). Catalogued, created Dublin Core metadata and uploaded content for the Local History Digital Resources Project including photographs and text documents relating to the history of Monterey Park using CONTENTdm. Management of the collection in the Online Archive of California using voroEAD.

Purdue University Libraries

Sponsored by an IMLS funded grant project to design a framework for a data curation workshop. Migrated content to an online environment while considering interactive and Web 2.0 technologies. Recommended an asynchronous learning approach for the DCP Toolkit online workshop after conducting an exhaustive literature review and environmental scan of topics and implementations relevant to moving a workshop online including social and Web 2.0 interactivity, online learning and assessment metrics. Development of storyboards, scripts and mock-ups for the online version of the workshop.