Suzanna Conrad

Information Professional

Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library

Created, uploaded and maintained digital collections for two grant projects including the California of the Past Digital Storytelling Project and the Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP). Catalogued, created Dublin Core metadata and uploaded content for the Local History Digital Resources Project including photographs and text documents relating to the history of Monterey Park using CONTENTdm. Management of the collection in the Online Archive of California using voroEAD. Recorded, edited and published digital stories from local Monterey Park participants using standard film equipment for recording, iMovie and Final Cut Pro for editing and Quicktime/ to publish content. Completed a systems analysis project to implement RFID and an automated materials handling system that would both be interoperable with the existing Millennium ILS.

Digital Projects Intern
Time Start: 
Time End: 
August, 2011