Suzanna Conrad

Information Professional

IT Interest Group Events at CLA!

The IT Interest Group for the California Library Association has a number of events scheduled for this weekend at the annual conference. If you're attending CLA please drop by!

Annual Meeting
Our annual Information Technology Interest Group meeting is scheduled for Sunday, November 4th from 3:00pm-4:00pm in Marriott Willow Glen II. We'll be discussing the future role of the interest group including the title of the interest group, leadership moving forward, events, our newsletter, our new Facebook group
( and topics for resources, programs and other events. We're currently looking for a Vice Chair to move into a Chair position (or Chair-Elect), an Events Coordinator and a Social Media Facilitator. If you're unable to attend, but are still interested in getting involved, please email Suzanna Conrad at for more information on these opportunities!

ITIG Sponsored Programs
Attend the IT Interest Group sponsored event "From Mess to Success: Tips on Redesigning Websites" presented by Sarah Butts, Amanda Jacobs Foust, and Julie Magnus of Marin County Free Library.
Description: The Marin County Free Library team discusses taking both a public and staff site from mess to success in a challenging environment with comments on new leadership, limited time, diverse staff in 10 locations, a library brand in flux, and a commitment to incorporating a full-scale social media integration. They will share tips on redesigns as well as lessons learned on how to work effectively with staff and the public and also address documentation, training and the procedures developed to gather and implement post-launch updates and improvements to both sites.
Room: CC 212 AC, Track: Technology & Innovation.

ITIG Leaders at the CLA Membership Booth
Visit us at the CLA membership booth to learn more about our group or to get more involved!
Saturday, 1:00pm-2:00pm: Suzanna Conrad, Chair
Download our latest issue of SYNC, the interest group's newsletter: