Suzanna Conrad

Information Professional

Campaigning for a Library Job (Revived)

I'll be presenting tomorrow in a virtual event for the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign together with Amanda Bjorling of the Deer Creek Mackinaw School District on "Campaigning for a Library Job: Maximizing Professional Development Opportunities to Differentiate Yourself from Other Applicants." You can access our session here:
Our description is here:
In tough economic times it can be daunting to even get interviews, much less land a job. The library field has been heavily impacted by budget cuts and the stagnated economy. How can new librarians navigate the limited opportunities and still differentiate themselves from the hundreds of applications many HR departments are receiving for one position? Within this presentation, co-presenters Suzanna Conrad and Amanda Bjorling will talk about how their "campaigns" to find full-time professional library positions in two different types of institutions and how they augmented their resumes with professional development activities, such as association and committee involvement, publications, and speaking engagements to differentiate themselves from other applicants. The presentation will also address the importance of professional development involvement to the future of the profession.